dinosaurI’m very sorry to bring you this news and hope that you will not shoot the messenger. After a fairly extensive investigation, it is confirmed that the one-call-close has joined the dinosaurs, saber tooth tigers and the Dodo.

Maybe you remember when you could walk into a business, present your new shiny product, overcome an objection or two and have the prospect agree that this would be perfect for them.

If you remember those days, you are not as bad off as those who do not remember, but their sales managers do.

Sorry. The one call is dead. It’s gone. And there is no hope of its revival.

But, here’s the very good news. If we stop hunting for it. We will have more time. TONS of more time to use our time more wisely.

The immediate alternative to hunting the one call is to start hunting the …. and this is huge …. The two call.


A friend of mine, Richard Marcus, is a sales trainer who got my attention recently. He said that “back in the day” sales people spent 80% of their time presenting and closing. And today, successful sales people spend 80% of their time building rapport and building trust.

“Back in the day” is prior to 2008. Anything written about business before that date may very well be obsolete. I would agree. And Richard’s observation I think is perfectly true.

If you’re like me and Richard, customers are the result of our meeting with people and building some rapport and trust.


mom-photoWhat did your mother tell you about talking to strangers? Mine too. Did any mom advise any differently? And so, when we meet with a prospect for the first time, what are we? We are perilously close to being strangers. And yet, too often, as our sales managers’ push, we go for the sale? or the no, and we try to believe that each “no” brings us one step closer to a sale. Stop it please. Not at the first meeting. At the first meeting let’s get to know each other a little. Let’s erase the stigma of being strangers. Then at the next meeting, at which we will NOT be strangers, then, we can talk a little business. Our moms will feel better.