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Games have rules, goals, competition and an allotted amount of time. So does a business.

Though we often compare life to sports, these three messages might be useful.

Football is a game of field position. Critical is the yard line on which the offense begins. If we get the ball near the opponent’s goal line, our scoring is more likely than if we get the ball at the other end of the field.

In your business, where are you starting from? How much experience have you had? How much training did you have? What connections in the market do you have? How well are you prepared?

Ten different people can elect to start the same business at the same time, but none will be starting from the same position. Their background, their current connections, their natural talent and their support structure will give some an advantage and a position closer to their goal.

Baseball is a game of perseverance. The very best hitters get a hit 1 out of every 3 times at bat. The vast majority of hitters get a hit, 1 out of every 4 times at bat. Though we can practice and learn more about hitting, no one has ever gotten a hit 1 out of every 2 times at bat.

Games are not easy. Even the best players achieve the desired result infrequently. The great players never give up. They enjoy every single opportunity. They enjoy their hits and remain positive when they make an out.

Hockey is a game of speed and shooting the puck past a goaltender. If there were no goals or if there were no goal tender, there would be no game and no one would even play. The thrill is either stopping the puck or shooting it past the goaltender. Scoring a goal is a party, at least for the shooter’s team.

What makes the game is having the goal to shoot at and a goaltender to defeat. In business having a goal makes the effort fun, rewarding and motivating.

Business is like a game.

[1] Start from a good position. Be well prepared.

[2] Enjoy the game, even when you don’t get the desired result. Persevere. It’s supposed to be hard. If it was not, everyone would do it.

[3] Have a goal; a clearly defined goal that you can recognize, and be recognized, when you score.

Have Fun Enjoy the Game.


the cartoon dog

• you are making a living based on your own personal skills and talents.

• you are a multi level marketing distributor

• you are a mostly-commission sales person

• you own a business of very few employees

• you have limited capacity

• you have limited capital

If your business is very small and largely dependent on the skills and talents of one person, you are most likely an underdog.

Rejoice and be glad in it.

Over 90% of all business entities are small enough to be considered underdogs. We are many and we are the spirit of American commerce.

We are each one unique and we serve well our local communities.

We are underdogs mostly because we think and act too much like our fat cat / big business brothers.

Most of what we know about sales and marketing we learned from TV where we saw big business spending big bucks to reach big audiences. And here we are now running a very small business with limited capacity and a smaller market niche.

These big business strategies are not for us. Copy not, and question everything a big business does.

David defeated Goliath with a sling and not the big business standard of the day. We too must find smarter, more effective and more efficient ways to acquire our customers.

Small is beautiful. Be defiant, outwit the giant.


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

These are the main attributes of The Man of Steel per his theme song.

For what purpose are these skills best applied? What problem does Superman solve?

Fighting crime of course, and that’s what Superman does. And he specializes in this one thing!

Not that he can’t do other things.

He can do anything and everything, but he is also super-smart and realizes that fighting crime is the highest and best use of his super powers.

This is what he does better than anyone else.

He chooses not to do bookkeeping, accounting, catering or any other trade. He is a specialist with super powers and he knows the market niche that he serves best.

Do you? What are your super powers and what market niche do you serve best?

If niche marketing serves Superman, so let it serve me.




Most of us have learned about marketing, advertising and sales by watching TV where we witnessed big business, spending big bucks to reach big audiences.

Some of us went further and studied how to spend big bucks to reach big audiences so we could be hired by big business.

And now, we are running small and or micro businesses and do not have the big bucks to spend.

Welcome fellow underdog.  Without the big bucks to spend, what can and will we do?

Stop focusing on quantity and start focusing on quality; quality connections, quality Linkedin connections and then meeting these connections for coffee.

As an underdog business owner, it is the people we meet who will hire us, endorse us and refer us.  The people we meet, P2P, are the people who will grow our business.

What can we do?  We can meet at least one new person every day, P2P — person to person.  And build a list (also known as a network) of quality connections.


I agreed to meet Noname for coffee. It was the first time we had ever met.

We chatted amicably for a couple of minutes and then he started to tell me about this super-duper widget that he was selling.

It was truly remarkable. It cured almost everything that affects everybody.

And the manufacturer donates proceeds to charity and has been in business since FDR and award winning and some celebrity and so on.

Then he started to talk about me and the problems that he was sure I had and how this stuff would . .. . I forget all the wonderful results because . . . .

This was the very first time we had ever met! Who is this person? I was so doubtful that I was not interested in all the brilliant verbiage.

My mother, like yours I’m sure, told you not to talk to strangers; and certainly not buy anything from them!

First meetings are priceless events. They should be for building a relationship and NOT for pitching a sale.

Even if the product is exactly what I want or need, chances are great that I KNOW someone else, who can sell me the same thing.

And Noname? He’s a stranger and I’m not that keen on change anyway.



Have you heard that you need to get out of your comfort zone?

What is a comfort zone?

I wonder if Bill Gates is in his comfort zone? Or Warren Buffett? Or Jimmy Buffet?

It seems to me that successful people are very much IN their comfort zone. They are using their skills and talents to the fullest. I suspect they are perfectly happy with what they are doing and the people they are serving.

Before we start leaving our comfort zone for zones unknown, perhaps we should first ask if we are maximizing our current comfort zone.

Are we currently using our own super-powers to the max and providing real value to the communities we live in?

What are your super-powers and for whom might you be able to provide great value?

It is a gigantic marketplace and there are many customers and clients for each of us; people who need what we can do.

Before you start looking for new comfort zones, you might want to explore your current one more thoroughly.


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A successful business is a solution looking for a problem to solve.

Your customers most likely all bought your product or hired you because you fixed an issue they were having.

(Yes, some businesses cause something new to be built or a goal to be achieved, but most sales are made because the buyer needs something to be made better, now.)

Thus the two business critical questions are

[1] What is the problem you solve? And

[2] Who exactly has this problem?

The answers to these 2 questions are the fundamental parameters of your niche markets. Your very best top quality prospect is a person who has the problem you can solve.

Who are these people and how can you find them are the cornerstones to the concept of prospecting.

Before you launch your business or a new product, spend some time on these two questions. Because sales are much more easily made when speaking to people who have the problem you can solve.


As a business owner (or seller of a product or service), the key ingredient in our success is our belief in it.

If we are not totally convinced in the solution we offer, how can we convince others?

Whether we offer a guarantee or not, in our own minds, is our solution a guaranteed success for our customers?

Seriously, do we love to talk about the product?

Do we use the product?

Are we convinced of guaranteed customer success?


If you start a new job . . .

If you start a new business . . .

If you start to sell a new product . . .

If you start a new Network Marketing endeavor . . .

Are you convinced and confident that this offering is brilliant and your customers are guaranteed a successful experience?

Because . . .  for you to find happiness and success, you must be confident and convinced that your customers are guaranteed to find happiness and success.

And if they are, and do, your work will be a delightful and rewarding experience.


Dr Seuss
When speaking about your business, don’t use these words, “help”, “easy” or “basically”.

These words diminish your value.

Speak and write clearly and boldly about who you are and the super power you have.

Instead of help . . . . DO something, or CAUSE something, or MAKE something, or FIX something.

Easy . . . . if what you do is easy, what do we need you for? Even though what you do is amazingly easy for you, it is NOT for others.

Basically . . . . is the word of the uncommitted or unsure. State clearly and boldly what you do, cause or make happen.

An exercise and good practice to become more definitive in the use of words is to use fewer. When we are constrained we have to then use the best words and get rid of all the weak and mediocre.

Use 100 words as a limit. Whenever you speak about yourself, your business or a product, compose a 100 word script for each.

And it is all an audience really wants to hear.

From our friend Dr. Seuss

That’s why my belief is

the briefer the brief is,

the greater the sigh

of the reader’s relief is.

Speak and write clearly, boldly and briefly about who you are and the super power you have.



elevator pitch

Fill in the blanks and your elevator pitch (business introduction) is good to go, and easy to remember, by you and your audience.


I am a ______________________   (your occupation)


I work with _________________________  (your best client niche)


To achieve _________________________  (a desired result)

As example;

I am a Linkedin Copywriter and coach

I work with self employed people and micro business owners.

I write their Linkedin profiles and teach them to use Linkedin to set up first meetings with top quality prospects.