the cartoon dog

• you are making a living based on your own personal skills and talents.

• you are a multi level marketing distributor

• you are a mostly-commission sales person

• you own a business of very few employees

• you have limited capacity

• you have limited capital

If your business is very small and largely dependent on the skills and talents of one person, you are most likely an underdog.

Rejoice and be glad in it.

Over 90% of all business entities are small enough to be considered underdogs. We are many and we are the spirit of American commerce.

We are each one unique and we serve well our local communities.

We are underdogs mostly because we think and act too much like our fat cat / big business brothers.

Most of what we know about sales and marketing we learned from TV where we saw big business spending big bucks to reach big audiences. And here we are now running a very small business with limited capacity and a smaller market niche.

These big business strategies are not for us. Copy not, and question everything a big business does.

David defeated Goliath with a sling and not the big business standard of the day. We too must find smarter, more effective and more efficient ways to acquire our customers.

Small is beautiful. Be defiant, outwit the giant.