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Games have rules, goals, competition and an allotted amount of time. So does a business.

Though we often compare life to sports, these three messages might be useful.

Football is a game of field position. Critical is the yard line on which the offense begins. If we get the ball near the opponent’s goal line, our scoring is more likely than if we get the ball at the other end of the field.

In your business, where are you starting from? How much experience have you had? How much training did you have? What connections in the market do you have? How well are you prepared?

Ten different people can elect to start the same business at the same time, but none will be starting from the same position. Their background, their current connections, their natural talent and their support structure will give some an advantage and a position closer to their goal.

Baseball is a game of perseverance. The very best hitters get a hit 1 out of every 3 times at bat. The vast majority of hitters get a hit, 1 out of every 4 times at bat. Though we can practice and learn more about hitting, no one has ever gotten a hit 1 out of every 2 times at bat.

Games are not easy. Even the best players achieve the desired result infrequently. The great players never give up. They enjoy every single opportunity. They enjoy their hits and remain positive when they make an out.

Hockey is a game of speed and shooting the puck past a goaltender. If there were no goals or if there were no goal tender, there would be no game and no one would even play. The thrill is either stopping the puck or shooting it past the goaltender. Scoring a goal is a party, at least for the shooter’s team.

What makes the game is having the goal to shoot at and a goaltender to defeat. In business having a goal makes the effort fun, rewarding and motivating.

Business is like a game.

[1] Start from a good position. Be well prepared.

[2] Enjoy the game, even when you don’t get the desired result. Persevere. It’s supposed to be hard. If it was not, everyone would do it.

[3] Have a goal; a clearly defined goal that you can recognize, and be recognized, when you score.

Have Fun Enjoy the Game.