I agreed to meet Noname for coffee. It was the first time we had ever met.

We chatted amicably for a couple of minutes and then he started to tell me about this super-duper widget that he was selling.

It was truly remarkable. It cured almost everything that affects everybody.

And the manufacturer donates proceeds to charity and has been in business since FDR and award winning and some celebrity and so on.

Then he started to talk about me and the problems that he was sure I had and how this stuff would . .. . I forget all the wonderful results because . . . .

This was the very first time we had ever met! Who is this person? I was so doubtful that I was not interested in all the brilliant verbiage.

My mother, like yours I’m sure, told you not to talk to strangers; and certainly not buy anything from them!

First meetings are priceless events. They should be for building a relationship and NOT for pitching a sale.

Even if the product is exactly what I want or need, chances are great that I KNOW someone else, who can sell me the same thing.

And Noname? He’s a stranger and I’m not that keen on change anyway.


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