order taking

She doesn’t work hard for the sales she produces. She makes it look easy. Her numbers are great. She doesn’t put in the hours we do. She never complains. And her numbers are great every month. She’s just an order taker.

Oh, but if I could be like her…

Two things: [1] applaud the order takers. Embrace the idea. It’s a good one. Stop belittling it. [2] In most cases the secret ingredient is trust. Her clients trust her. They know who she is, what she can and can’t do and how to do business with her. She has earned their trust. She likes them. She wants to help them.

Earning trust has little to do with closing the sale. It has everything to do with mutual respect, care and concern. It starts with getting to know the people her clients are. It is always about individual people and what is in it for them.


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