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Would you prefer we schedule a call or meet for coffee?

I prospect for new business all the time. I use Linkedin to do so. I seek to meet small business
owners in Mecklenburg county.

I have discovered when I ask (via email) my newly connected prospects if they would rather schedule a phone call or meet for coffee, 99% of the time, we meet for coffee.

Conclusion drawn: People in Charlotte who are on Linkedin, want to meet other people in Charlotte who are on Linkedin, face to face.

What is the validity of this conclusion?

[1] Are all people on Linkedin open to meeting others who are on Linkedin for coffee?

[2] How unpopular is a telephone call today?

[3] Is Charlotte unique?

[4] How important is geographic proximity when connecting with new prospects?

It is a different world today and the prospecting efforts we used to do, don’t do what they once did.

If you’re not using Linkedin to prospect for new business, especially here in Charlotte, you are missing appointments and wasting time.

With Linkedin your number of first meetings could double and the time spent setting them up, halved. How many meetings with new prospects do you need to have each week?


PS — At this first meeting over coffee: if you invited them to the meeting, ask about them and the things they’ve done as revealed on their Linkedin profile. And do not try to sell them anything.

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