Whom do you serve?

Who is your best customer?

Who is the one for whom you can do something extraordinary?

This idea was inspired by Seth Godin who wrote …


Seth writes about making an improvement to a product. I’m suggesting we improve our customer selection. To whom exactly can we be of extraordinary help?

Think small. Think narrow. Be specific and for each prospect carefully craft a customer acquisition strategy. Plan several visits and be prepared for each. Speak about challenges and how they arose and how wonderful things might be if fixed.

Seth writes that there is safety in compromise and similarly there is safety in a large market. When we contact new prospects and they do not immediately buy, we take comfort in the next prospect. We know that there are many more we can contact. We do not make a customer-focused effort with each one because we are already moving towards the next one.

Extraordinary is not ordinary. If you want your prospects to think that you are extraordinary, you might begin by thinking that they are.

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