Goodwill is people in your neighborhood or market thinking well of you.

Whether they are customers, clients or not. Every person you meet is an asset to your business. And meeting these people is critical.

Our business-building, customer-acquiring strategy begins with goodwill. And it happens one person at a time.

As a micro business owner (underdog), you are your brand. Your smiling face, firm handshake and collaborative demeanor allows you to build a network of acquaintances, fans and allies.

Your network is priceless and might be your 2nd most valuable asset. (You as the key person in your business is #1)

Assuming your business has a marketable value, meeting people is and will be the never ending thing to be done. One new meeting every day will serve you very well. And when the meeting ends, may they be thinking well of you and hoping you will do well.


One thought on “Goodwill: A Valuable Objective”

  1. I’m not sure what to do about this post. It contains grammatical errors and your avatar is blank. Did Diedre write and post this or is it an automatic kind of post from a machine. Is this an example of the “online tool” that you are sharking?

    On the other hand, it is an idea I might like to know more about.

    To borrow from your strategy, Deidre, “i know how to improve the way in which your outbound messaging is received.” Reply if you might be interested and we can discuss further, if you’re interested.

    steve … and yes I spend time writing. It is some of the best use of my time and I enjoy it immensely.

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