Dan Pink in his book To Sell is Human introduces the concept , “Informational Parity”.. It describes almost every sales market today. It is the ubiquitous availability of information.

Today, every buyer knows everything they want or need to know about anything that they might be interested in buying. And they research it prior to contacting a vendor.

Prior to this informational explosion, way back in say 2007, sales people brought news, product knowledge and insight into their products and services. Today, not so much.

Today, no matter what the question, “google it” is a viable and very common answer.

Often, by the time the buyer contacts a seller today, the buyer is more informed about the product or service than the sales rep who will be soon arriving, which is why many companies employ sales engineers, who must know the product specs and details perfectly.

And so, if knowledge is not a differentiator, what then are buyers considering in their decision making process? Why would they choose you?


  1. Great question. Why do people choose to buy from you?
    This is something I have thinking about for the past week. Right or wrong my conclusion is people by from you because they like you and they trust you. So you are a more important factor in the buyers decision process than the price. Let’s face customers can research and buy your product from any where in the world they buy from you because of YOU.

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