A professional meeting is one that has been planned, and scheduled. It is usually not the very first meeting between the parties. This is a meeting of parties who have advanced their relationship, and investing some time to research each other is now warranted.

LinkedIn not only makes this research easier it provides information that, prior to LinkedIn, was impossible to gather.

Linkedin links to business intelligence:

[1] Connect on LinkedIn with every person who is to be at the meeting.

[2] Visit each attendees’ LinkedIn Profile

  • Check out those you’ve not yet met. Learn their background and anything you have in common with them.
  • Check out “How You’re Connected”. Call and ask these connections for some insights
  • Check out your prospects’ 2nd degree connections. These are people they might introduce you to.
  • Check out their “recent activity”. Which might reveal their current events, challenges, or future objectives.
[3] Visit their LinkedIn company page

  • The LinkedIn company page is a company penned blog meant to share news and current events with their followers.
[4] Former employees

  • Through LinkedIn’s Advanced Search you can identify former employees who often provide insight, more freely.
[5] Company hierarchy

  • Layout your prospect’s organizational chart with names and titles. And using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search filters “title” and “company”, learn the names of these position holders.

Good intelligence is the key to persuasion and negotiation.

Prepare to win.

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