Good . bad . ugly

People are crazy and we are turning Linkedin recommendations and endorsements into a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly. Here are 11 bullet points for your consideration:

[1] Recommendations are only valuable if somebody reads them.

[2] Most recommendations are of very little substance or value; little more than an endorsement.

[3] Most hiring managers do NOT read recommendations posted on Linkedin.

[4] Recommendations (given or received) are people that we truly know. They can be considered another level of Linkedin connection, even closer than 1st level.

[5] Think of endorsements as votes.

[6] But how do you know if an endorsement, recommendation or testimonial is true? You don’t, but 99 votes is significant.

[7] Why not respond to those who endorse you?

[8] When considering an invitation from someone you don’t know, look at their endorsements as an indicator of what others think of them.

[9] Helpful to your connections is knowing exactly what you would like to be endorsed for.

[10] The “skills and expertise” section on Linkedin – the skills you are endorsed for – is a brilliant tool to help you find your keywords.

[11] Don’t trade recommendations or endorsements. If you ask for such, don’t bribe them with a “return the favor”.




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