Mastermind for Solopreneurs

This 9 week project in the company of 5 to 6 other solopreneurs produces, for each member, a niche marketing strategy to acquire new customers efficiently and effectively. Guaranteed.

In collaborative, brain-storming fashion, each member will design their own niche marketing strategy for their business and help others design theirs.

The four key elements to a B2B niche marketing blueprint are:

  • identify your ideal client
  • articulate their motivation to buy
  • understand the price they would pay
  • and learn to use Linkedin as a proactive prospecting tool

At the end of this 9 week project, each member will understand everyone’s business better than anyone did on day one, which means we can be of ongoing business building value to each other.

We meet for 9 consecutive weeks, on the same day and time, at a conference room in Southpark. Each meeting is 2 hours, exact times and dates to be determined.

There is a small fee with gentle terms and if you are not completely satisfied with the results, all money paid is refunded.

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