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I endorse Sandler sales training and am happy to introduce you to my friend Chad Cuttino, the most disciplined sales professional I have ever met.

Anything written about doing business prior to 2008 may be obsolete. Thus, asking for the order, which has been sales mantra since cave men were trading rocks, might be obsolete.

Sandler teaches that we DO NOT ask for the order.
Try it, you’ll like it. And if you don’t understand why, how or whatever, I’ll be delighted to introduce you to my friend Chad.

One thought on “NEVER ASK FOR THE SALE”

  1. And so do we need to contact Chad for some further insights?

    Yes, if you wish, but first, enjoy the uncertainty.

    If you did not ask for the order, what might you do instead?

    The returns on all of our efforts to acquire new customers can be improved, but only if we start to be curious about alternative efforts.

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