curb your

When we first meet, your passion does not persuade. Your belief might, but your passion usually just gets in the way. It can and does make people who don’t know you uncomfortable.

Other than writing in your resume or LinkedIn profile that you are passionate, how do you actually reveal your passion?

Using every superlative in the thesaurus has no positive impact upon people who do not know you. And once you get to know someone, don’t you actually stop with the superlatives?

On the other hand, if your passion drives you to act: to get out and do something rather than just yack about your super-awesome-what-ever-ness, well then, your passion is a good and valuable thing.

The distinction is between you and them. Yes, let your passion drive you to action, but park it when talking to prospects. It makes us think you’re strange, different, weird, and not someone we might like to do business with.

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