[1] Think Quality not quantity

  • Choose your connections with purpose
  • Choose your posts and updates with purpose
  • More is not better. Better is better
[2] The highest and best use of Linkedin is as a prospecting tool. Used correctly it can result in your meeting 8 out of every 10 people you select.

[3] Use your full and preferred name, everywhere

  • It is your brand name
  • Be consistent
[4] A current professional photo is a must

  • This is NOT Facebook
  • Current means less than 1 year old
[5] Spelling and grammar are part of your profile and your brand image.

  • Hire a writer or an editor
[6] Have a reason for wanting to connect with someone and be personal when inviting them to connect.

  • Most all business relationships begin with a person to person interaction – P2P.

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