small and slow

SMALL: A small, very well-defined and identified niche will yield better results than a large and vaguely defined mass market; especially true for we who have very little advertising budget.

Are sales made or are they found? Perhaps both, but if we find better prospects, shouldn’t we make more sales?

SLOW: A sales process that has more steps would be considered slower, right? Adding a meeting to your sales process would take more time — slower.

The case for slower:

[1] What do you call someone you have never met?


[2] What did your mother tell you about strangers?

Don’t talk to them and for goodness sakes, don’t buy something from them!

[3] Thus, the first time we meet a prospect, let’s remove the issue of being a stranger.

Take this first meeting, the entire first meeting, and build rapport and perhaps some trust, so our next meeting can be all about business .

Adding this one step will make your process slower and it will make your next meeting better.

Small and Slow … the way to go … for more sales.

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