Dr Seuss
When speaking about your business, don’t use these words, “help”, “easy” or “basically”.

These words diminish your value.

Speak and write clearly and boldly about who you are and the super power you have.

Instead of help . . . . DO something, or CAUSE something, or MAKE something, or FIX something.

Easy . . . . if what you do is easy, what do we need you for? Even though what you do is amazingly easy for you, it is NOT for others.

Basically . . . . is the word of the uncommitted or unsure. State clearly and boldly what you do, cause or make happen.

An exercise and good practice to become more definitive in the use of words is to use fewer. When we are constrained we have to then use the best words and get rid of all the weak and mediocre.

Use 100 words as a limit. Whenever you speak about yourself, your business or a product, compose a 100 word script for each.

And it is all an audience really wants to hear.

From our friend Dr. Seuss

That’s why my belief is

the briefer the brief is,

the greater the sigh

of the reader’s relief is.

Speak and write clearly, boldly and briefly about who you are and the super power you have.


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