Challenger sale

The book, The Challenger Sale, written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson was presented by William Jungermann at BIG today.

Two takeaways — [1] the book was written to garner consulting business for the company for whom the authors work, (a tactic to get the first meeting with a prospect) and [2] based on William’s abridged presentation the central point is, “The “Challenger” type of sales person is one who is well skilled in reading the behavioral style of their prospects and interacting accordingly.” (William suggested the word “chameleon”.)

To elaborate slightly, it is important for the sales person to learn what the prospect wants, and to discover this desire and speak to that desire in the manner that the prospect wants to receive it. It’s not just what is to be sold, but how it is sold. (or more correctly, how it is bought.)

William was excellent in his presentation. And his personal sales training and experience enhanced the presentation to define well the book’s concept. If you are in need of a speaker to talk about selling, you will be pleased with this presentation he shared today. It’s insightful and thought provoking.

It inspired me to think of the following topics for further thought and possible future writing:

[1] Organizational capability; behind the brand

[2] Sales is helping others to make decisions

[3] The “complex” decision

[4] Why do your customers buy?

[5] The decision making scale

Thank you William. And thank you Terry Cox for organizing BIG and for this enlightening session and concept.


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