dinosaurI’m very sorry to bring you this news and hope that you will not shoot the messenger. After a fairly extensive investigation, it is confirmed that the one-call-close has joined the dinosaurs, saber tooth tigers and the Dodo.

Maybe you remember when you could walk into a business, present your new shiny product, overcome an objection or two and have the prospect agree that this would be perfect for them.

If you remember those days, you are not as bad off as those who do not remember, but their sales managers do.

Sorry. The one call is dead. It’s gone. And there is no hope of its revival.

But, here’s the very good news. If we stop hunting for it. We will have more time. TONS of more time to use our time more wisely.

The immediate alternative to hunting the one call is to start hunting the …. and this is huge …. The two call.

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