In general the purchase decision boils down to a solution and a problem as quantified by a person, or group of. Someone or some business needs something fixed or built and then a search for solution begins. Most sales people are looking for these people who are looking for a solution. The most traveled sales path is a game of GO FISH. Every so often, the sales person needs to contact their prospect and ask if they are yet in search mode. You know, “just touching base”. Checking to see if you have any kings? There are others playing against you. And like the card game, this sales game is about being the lucky one to call at just the right time? The less traveled path is to build a relationship with the person based on how you approach problems. Examples of what you have done are helpful but more helpful, is the process by which you assessed the problem that led to a solution. The fundamental difference between the two paths is that the path less traveled focuses on the prospect and the process by which problems are defined. The more traveled approach is focusing on solutions. On the less traveled path, we speak with prospects and discuss the process by which we approach and appreciate problems. This path is that of the trusted adviser. underdog-meet-for-coffee

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