Even though we are all created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, often it is not the case and / or we think it is not the case.

When we feel the lesser, we are in an “underdog position”, so says author Amy Showalter in her book The Underdog Edge: How ordinary people change the minds of the powerful and Live to tell about it.

She cites many real life stories of how people in underdog positions have in fact influenced their big dog opponents and won the day. She writes about the strategies, tactics and mindsets that these ordinary / extraordinary people used.

Ordinary / extraordinary. That is the essence of underdog. When the game begins, the field is most unlevel and in the end, thanks to the cleverness, persistence and actions of these underdogs, it is nicely leveled.

The world is full of unlevel playing fields. We need more underdogs.

Be defiant. Outwit the giant.

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