When reading the paper, I skim headlines, sometimes read lead paragraphs and sometimes read the article.

Is this selection process similar to the purchase decision?

The articles I read, like the things I buy, are interesting to me; and ”interesting” is that which is similar (or non-threatening) to what I already think and believe.

I will not read the entire article if it is disagreeable or contrary to my thinking. Reading the full article is akin to buying the product.

May I propose that people buy that which interests them, is similar to them, fits their current mindset and or situation. And people will not buy that which is too far from their current mindset.

People prefer to serve their current position and will not be open to something too different.

This seems congruent with the proposition that people do not like change, big change. Big change is disagreeable or contrary.

But, we all want, or at least have an interest in, better. And so, the change we want is small and gradual.

And so when bringing something to market pay attention to each prospective buyer as the individual they are. Understand their current position because where they are now is most critical to their decision to change (buy your offer.)

Do you know your prospective buyer’s mindset? Your product value remains constant, the difference in the likelihood of sale is the buyer and how close are they to your product value.

That which is for sale is somewhere between near and far from the buyer’s mindset; that which is purchased is near.

I base this proposition on my reading selectivity. I think it a similar decision.

Do you?

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