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What do you want LinkedIn to do for you?  [PART 1 OF 3] revealed that successful prospecting with Linkedin is built on an understanding of these 4 concepts:

[1] An interesting and non-threatening profile

[2] A prospect-friendly approach to your requests to connect and meet for coffee.

[3] Knowing how to use the Linkedin search engine

[4] Facilitating a great 1st meeting

And it briefly discussed points [1] and [4].

Knowing the end result of this prospecting endeavor to be goodwill and that our Linkedin profile is also aimed at this objective, are equally important facts that influence the prospect-friendly words we use to connect and meet with new prospects.

Basic rules of Linkedin connection-friendly communication:

[1] We are all on a 1st name basis

[2] Never talk about yourself

[3] Always talk about them

[4] Only ask one question at a time

[5] You and your prospect already have 1 very important thing in common. You are both on Linkedin.

You never have to say word one about who you are. Any recipient can easily read your entire Linkedin profile, which is why it needs to be interesting and non-threatening. (and apparently the most threatening type of person today is a sales person.)

Always ask about them and only ever ask one question per communication. If you ask 2 questions at the same time and they say no, to what did they disagree.

The process to connect is 3 steps (click here for a brief / free tutorial) [1] Can we connect? [2] Can we meet for coffee or talk on the phone and [3] Great, when might we chat or meet?

My experience thus far is that 99% of the people I invite to connect want to meet for coffee. And 80% of the people I select do in fact meet me for coffee.

The highest and best use of Linkedin is as a proactive B2B Prospecting tool.

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