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From the first two installments of this brief:

[1] Your Linkedin profile is what recipients read when deciding if they want to meet you for coffee. And thus your profile should be interesting and non-threatening.

[2] The words we use to connect and invite prospects to coffee matter. We must only ask about them, use their first name and only ask one question at a time.

[3] The objective to prospecting with Linkedin is to schedule and have a meeting with a new business prospect. This 1st meeting is hugely important in building rapport and trust with the prospect. The two key words are “curiosity” and “goodwill”. If we are truly curious about them and ask about them, they will very likely think very well of us. They will wish us well —– goodwill.

And so now we arrive at the final Linkedin prospecting concept, 2 questions [1] Who exactly do you want to meet? and [2] How many meetings do you want to have with new prospects every week?

Who is your most likely customer? What do they look like?

If you know anything about your customers, chances are great that you can find them with the Linkedin “advanced search”. This feature allows even we who have the free membership to search the Linkedin database using 12 filters.

Using the filter is easy compared to answering the above two questions. Most business people in an effort to never miss a possible inquiry or to be huge tomorrow think that everybody is their prospect. And though they may be, this is the wrong answer, as covered in this previously posted blog.

When proactively prospecting with a strategy that can and will cause you to be meeting 2 out of every 3 people you identify, it is imperative that you know who are your best prospects.

In fact it is best to be able to identify these prospects by name and find them in Linkedin by using the search tool. Read about them, learn who they are before meeting them and as part of the prospecting selection process.

Sales are as much found as they are made. If we do a better job of identifying better prospects, we can and will make more sales, especially if we facilitate a great 1st meeting.

The highest and best use of Linkedin is as a proactive B2B Prospecting tool.


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