Have you heard that you need to get out of your comfort zone?

What is a comfort zone?

I wonder if Bill Gates is in his comfort zone? Or Warren Buffett? Or Jimmy Buffet?

It seems to me that successful people are very much IN their comfort zone. They are using their skills and talents to the fullest. I suspect they are perfectly happy with what they are doing and the people they are serving.

Before we start leaving our comfort zone for zones unknown, perhaps we should first ask if we are maximizing our current comfort zone.

Are we currently using our own super-powers to the max and providing real value to the communities we live in?

What are your super-powers and for whom might you be able to provide great value?

It is a gigantic marketplace and there are many customers and clients for each of us; people who need what we can do.

Before you start looking for new comfort zones, you might want to explore your current one more thoroughly.

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