Elevator pitches suck because we were trained to be obedient and answer questions when and as they are asked.

The question that triggers our elevator pitch is, “What do you do?”

And most of us, most always, answer the question as we were taught. We tell people in agonizingly boring detail what we do.

This is why our elevator pitches suck.

The interesting part about what we do is either the problem that we solve or the glorious result we produce. But that wasn’t the question!

Well, from now on, think like a politician and answer the question that you feel like answering. Once you start being interesting, the person who asked will forget the question anyway.

To improve your elevator pitch, ignore the question. Break free of your obedience-school training to answer the question asked and tell us something really interesting.

One alternative is to tell a story about a recent or most interesting client. What issue did they have and what was the result.

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