You do too much and it is preventing customers from hiring you and perhaps even meeting you.

The fallacy we often heard is that more lines in the water catch more fish and so if we say we do many things, it’s as if we have many lines in the water.

The analogy is incomplete. What’s missing is the bait at the end of those lines. What works is the right bait in front of the right customer at the right time.

The fish bait is akin to the service or product that a business offers.

Consider this scenario, you have a brain tumor and you are getting recommendations and researching doctors.

Among the many choices, here are two

Doctor AAA (anything, anybody, anytime)

10 years practicing medicine, my specialties are brain surgery, podiatry, acupuncture, radiology and nutrition.

Doctor B (Brain Surgery)

10 years practicing brain surgery. This is my specialty. It’s the only medicine I practice. I have performed over 500 brain surgeries and every patient is doing well.

There might be other reasons to consider when making this decision. But when it comes to an important matter, do you want a specialist or a generalist?

Most new and small businesses need to be special, super-specific and very good at what they do.

Jacks of all trades are everywhere. Top talent exists only at the top of the pyramid. Resist the temptation to do too much, instead, do one thing; one thing incredibly well. Call it your super-power.



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